Gods of Rekarra (incomplete)

Gods of Rekarra

Sevaron – Keeper of Lost Lore, The Great Librarian
God of Explorers and Knowledge Seekers
Domains: Time, Travel, Knowledge, Divination

Sevaron, the god of all those who wish to seek out and uncover hitherto unknown places in the world, is neutral good. Thus, he is patronized by many adventurers, and his shrines are plentiful among the roads of the world. His followers look at the unknown as a challenge, or a test. His clerics are known to minister far and wide, and generally are the ones who provide upkeep to his various holy places. Sevaron has not been around for very long – he came to prominence at the end of the Godsfall Wars.
Sevaron was a saint in the Apoth Imperium. After the destruction of Vargoth, his actions in battle prompted the other gods to raise him up, and he assumed the benevolent aspect of the portfolio that Vargoth was responsible for, mainly the desire to learn new things, and to explore to find that knowledge. Sevaron himself, when mortal, was a mage of great power, who experimented with altering the flow of time, for the purpose of learning things lost to antiquity.
For the most part, his clerics are some type of neutral, tending toward good. There are very few evil clerics of Sevaron, although evil people do venerate him in his aspect of watching over travelers.

Parivan – Lord of the Light, The General
God of the Sun
Domains: Sun, Good, War, Healing

Parivan, the god of the sun, is lawful good. Parivan stands as the bulwark against the evil gods and their minions. He is the most commonly worshipped god among ordinary humans, and his temples can be found in every country except the Mentoxis Empire. He is generally accepted to be at the head of the good-aligned gods, most often considered first among equals.
Parivan’s worship extends back into the mists of time, and the genesis of his worship is lost to all but possibly the ruling council of Bastion, who have storehouses of knowledge on their patron deity.
Parivan’s worshipers are always good-aligned, and paladins are often found in his service.

Kronimyre – Lord of the Weather, The Uneven One
God of Weather and Storms
Domains: Water, Chaos, Water, Destruction

Kronimyre, god of weather and storms, is chaotic neutral. The vastness of his domain is what keeps the world balanced – he tends to focus his attention on certain areas at a time, leaving the vast majority of his domain calm and peaceful. He controls the flow of the weather of the world and the generation of storms. He is normally content with the status quo, and his temper tantrums usually effect only certain areas.
Kronimyre is, for the most part, a pleasant god, conducting his domain with skill and wisdom. However, his temper is as legendary as the circumstances that gave rise to it. Before the Godsfall, Kronimyre was very even tempered, conducting his domain with grace and foresight, never letting things get out of hand. He was also lawful neutral. During the Godsfall, when Dwared Geval was destroyed and large areas of land were covered by rising seas, so many people cursed Kronimyre that it caused him to snap and shift alignments. Kronimyre actually saved thousands of lives through his actions, mitigating much of the damage that would have occurred. However, the people didn’t know that. All of the souls washed away by the tidal waves cursed him, and Kronimyre changed his whole attitude. He saw it as necessary to maintain the world’s weather, but felt much more free to lash out when he became angry. Kronimyre became a rather jealous god and quickly shows his displeasure.
Kronimyre’s worshipers are usually of chaotic alignment, ranging from good to evil. They are found on every shore of the world, among all who depend on weather.

Moldar Gyrvash – Stonesplitter, the Ancient Warrior
God of Dwarven Warfare
Domains: Strength, War, Rage, Dwarves

Moldar Gyrvash is an ancient dwarven deity dedicated to war, combat, glory, and the destruction of the enemies of the dwarven race. He enjoyed a substantial following before the Godsfall Wars, where he led his followers in wars against the humanoids of the land. During the war, he rallied his followers in a massive strike against the godling Mel’argo Toth, and witnessed the destruction of his clergy and a large number of his followers.
With the destruction of most of his followers, Moldar withdrew from this world. It would be over 2000 years before he would again make his presence known again. He has started a small campaign to rebuild his clergy and has only a small number of clerics and does not promote the active recruitment of followers until he once again regains a sufficient foothold on this plane to be able to challenge the other war gods of this realm. Only time will tell if this strategy will work, or if his almost cult-like clergy will vanish again from this world.

Siberius – Lord of Winter, Master of the North Wind, Frostking
God of Winter
Domains; Winter, Air, Travel, Cold, Strength

The barbarians of the Umbrian peninsula have long worshipped Siberius as their patron and protector. He is representation of winter throughout northern Rekara and anywhere that stays in a perpetual state of winter. He is not the same deity as the more commonly know Turlock, the Frost Father, the Old Man of Winter, who is elder brother of the siblings who represent the four seasons and the cycle of life. These deities are Cinnerian in their primary worshippers and Siberius seems to be of Taug descent.
It is a commonly held belief that the various barbarian factions in northern Cinneria are thought to be of Taug descent, coming over as mercenaries before the Breaking of the World. His priests preach to the clans that inhabit Darkathia and Tharhold. The Knights of St. Vasil and those who would try to rule these peoples oppose them. The Queen of Ice and Snow, Iceclestium, the white dragon ruler of much of Darkathia is tolerant of his worship, if only to keep the Umbrians in check. She does try to limit the scope of the priests’ power by pitting one tribe against another to thin out their ranks.
Holy places dedicated to him are frigid places of ice, snow, and rock that have howling, freezing winds pummel the area. His worshipers are extremely proficient at surviving in artic conditions and travel extensively to promote his will. They are not afraid to back up their words with force and many are powerful warriors in their own right.

Gods of Rekarra (incomplete)

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