+3 Impervious intelligent Aldori Sword

weapon (melee)

This +3 intelligent Aldori Dueling sword has the impervious quality and is made from living steel. It’s powers include 30’ Darkvision, Comprehend Languages, Telepathy, shed light in a 30’ radius, and cast the fllowing spells; Faerie Fire 3x a day and Glitterdust 1x per day. It has the following characteristics:


The weapon known as Sliss’theth, (Vishkanya for Serpent’s Tongue) has a coldly curious personality that it shares with it’s master. It’s wielder, Vordrauth Sle’ Sakoush had it forged by the finest smiths in Nordecca, and enchanted by a trio of powerful wizards from the Mentoxian Empire. Its distinctive living steel blade flickers with an iridescent emerald shimmer when drawn and sheds a soft greenish light upon command. The hilt is of a serpent twisting along the handle, chased with mithral, culminating in a serpent’s head for a pommel with two small emeralds for eyes.


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